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Common Name: Ornamental Grass, Miscanthus

‘Oktoberfest’ is the gold standard in Miscanthus. The wide, deep green leaves with a white midrib form a narrowly upright tower about 4½’ tall before blooming.

In late summer or early fall, the foliage develops deep purple and red highlights which complement the showy flowers that emerge a rich shade of shimmering burgundy and copper, then mature into fluffy, creamy tan seed heads.

Compared to older Miscanthus like ‘Gracillimus’, this selection blooms much earlier (making it better for northern climates where the growing season is shorter) and has much improved fall color.  It also develops its beautiful fall color earlier in the season.

Height: 6-7 ft
Width: 3-4 ft
Soil Conditions: Moist/Well Drained
Flower Color: Purple and Tan Shades
Bloom Time: Early Fall
Hardiness Zone: 5 TO 9

Full Sun

Miscanthus s. Oktoberfest

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