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10-14" High & Wide

Rich, cherry red flowers complimented with decadent, golden stamens. These dwarf Dahlias grow 10-14" high and wide and don't require staking. Perfect for pots or beds, the bright flowers really pop against the midnight foliage. They are compact, well branched and easy to grow and love. They differ from the Mystic Dahlias as their foliage is a little fuller and they are more compact.

Pollinators love the flowers, though there are more than enough to share, and even bring indoors for a vase. Try them en masse, as border fillers, colourful accents or in containers. 

They are frost sensitive so should be treated with care, sheltered in pots. You might see some foliage die back, but they will bounce back when the weather warms.

Dahlia Happy Days Cherry Red

Excluding Sales Tax
Available Mid-May
  • Hold off on planting them outdoors until after the threat of frost has passed. Plant Dahlias into moist, humus rich, well drained soil in a sunny spot, they need at least six hours of sun to flower well – morning sun is ideal as the hot afternoon sun can scorch the leaves. Water well, ensuring they have adequate drainage. They tend to grow larger in the garden than they will in pots, where their growth can be restricted.

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