Not all plants are in stock at all times, so please call or e-mail to confirm availability.   We are continually updating and adding to our inventory. If you do not see an item you are interested in, please ask.

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Calamagrostis a.  'Karl Foerster'
Calamagrostis brachytricha
Carex Blue Zinger
Carex Silver Scepter
Carex muskingumensis
Carex o. Evergold
Carex pensylvanica
Carex rosea
Chasmanthium latifolium
Deschampsia cespitosa TuftedHairGrass
Festuca Elijah Blue
Miscanthus Variegatus in a bed
Miscanthus s. gracillimus
Molinia 'Skyracer'
Panicum v. 'Prairie Fire'
Panicum v. 'Shenandoah'
Panicum v. Northwind
Schizachyrium 'Carousel'
Schizachyrium Prairie Blues
Sesleria autumnalis in fall landscape
Sporobolus heterolepis
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