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The Gryphon begonia adds a tropical flair to any shade garden or container planting. Gryphon begonia is prized mainly as a foliage plant because it seldom blooms.  This plant has 10 inch wide, thick, glossy, deeply cut star or maple-shaped leaves. Its mounds of leaves are variegated silver and green with a hint of maroon in the veins and a maroon underside. It reaches a height of 14 to 16 inches and spans 16 to 18 inches across.  Gryphon begonia is also a “garden-to-house” plant, meaning it can easily transition from being an outdoor plant into an indoor houseplant and vice-versa. Care must be taken, however, to bring containers of this tender perennial inside before it is subjected to frost.

  • Height: 14 - 16 Inches
  • Spread: 16 - 18 Inches
  • Habit:  Mounded
  • Container Role:  Thriller
  • Exposure Shade, Part Shade

Begonia x Gryphon

Excluding Sales Tax
Expected early May
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