Not all plants are in stock at all times, so please call or e-mail to confirm availability.   We are continually updating and adding to our inventory.  If you do not see an item you are interested in, please ask.

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Anemone 'September Charm'
Aster Double Fall Purple
Aster n. Purple Dome clump
Aster Woods Pink
Bractantha Mohave Orange Strawflower
Bractantha Mohave Yellow Strawflower
Echibeckia Butterscotch Biscuit
Echibeckia Orange
Echibeckia Sizzling Sunset
Celosia Twisted Orange
Celosia Intenz Dark Purple
Celosia Twisted Red
Grass - Carex Red Rooster.2jpg
Grass - Pennisetum First Knight
Grass - Pennisetum Rubrum
Grass - Pennisetum Vertigo
Helianthus Autumn Gold
Heuchera Carnival Rose Granita
Heuchera Carnival WatermelonRose Granita
Heuchera Citronelle
Kale - Dinosaur (Lacinato)
Kale - Kamome Red
Kale, Flowering wavy leaf white
1 Gallon and Pint
Kale, Redbor
1 Gallon & Pint
Kale Sunset
Pansy Delta Neon Violet
Pansy Delta Pumpkin Pie Mix
Pansy Delta Yellow with Blotch
Pansy Inspire Plus Orange Blotch
Pansy RCOP Wild Fire Mix
Pepper, Hot Pops Purple
Pepper - Purple Flash
Pepper - Purple/Orange
Pepper - Masquerade
Mum - Copper Coin
Mum - Wanda Lavender
Mum - Lime
Mum - Conoco Orange
Mum - Blazing Orange
Mum - Mumosa Orange
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