A decorative and functional self-watering hanging flower planter. It has a water reservoir boasting a gallon of reserve. Water is conveyed directly to the roots of your plants by a unique wick system, keeping flowers bright and foliage lush by allowing moister to permeate the soil evenly throughout the pot. Now you have no need to water daily and can enjoy time away without worry of your plants starving for water for several days. The 16 in. in diameter self-watering hanging planter includes a 22 in. stainless steel wire hanger. The fade-resistant 0.150 in. thickness polypropylene is very durable and has a flat bottom so it can also be placed on the ground, decks or tables. The Weekender has a lift-out liner for easy moving of plants into different areas when using multiple pots. The planter has a 10 year warranty.

The Weekender Hanging Planter