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Betty is part of the Little Girl Series of hybrid magnolias that were developed at the National Arboretum in the mid-1950s by Francis DeVos and William Kosar. Plants in this series flower about 2-4 weeks later than M. stellata and M. × soulangiana, thus reducing the risk of damage to flowers from late spring frosts. 'Betty' has a rounded, shrubby habit, large reddish-purple flowers with white interiors and late bloom (mid-April to early May). It is a slow-growing, shrub or small tree that typically rises over time to 10-15' tall with an equal spread. Flowers bloom shortly before the foliage begins to appear. Plants may sporadically repeat bloom in mid-summer. Leaves emerge with copper-red tints in spring, turn dark green by late spring and finally acquire yellow to bronze-copper tones in fall.

Height: 10-15'

Spread: 10-15'

Shape: Upright

Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade

Foliage: Medium green

Fall Foliage: Yellow/Bronze-copper

Zone: 4-8

Magnolia x Betty

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