The Colocasia ROYAL HAWAIIAN® Collection features varieties unlike any available in today’s market. ROYAL HAWAIIAN® Colocasias have been bred to be happy in full sun, sturdy garden performers, and great container specimens. Each is disease resistant with fabulous foliage and stem interest, and with their tidy clumping habit would be a welcome addition in any garden or landscape.

Colocasia esculenta ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Maui Gold’ is an outstanding addition to the series with chartreuse foliage held on ivory white stems. Great companion for ‘Black Coral’.

Description / Plant Notes:

  • Zone 7b-11 (5°F or -14°C)
  • Textured chartreuse foliage held on ivory white stems
  • Medium height 48″ x 36″ at maturity
  • Full-Sun, Partial-Sun, Semi-Shade
  • Tidy Clumping
  • Usage:  Containers, Garden border, Gardens, Landscapes, Mass landscape planting

Colocasia Royal Hawaiian Maui Gold